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401(k) Rollover To IRA Nitty Gritty

Clients have frequently asked us if they should keep their 401(k) plan, or initiate a 401(k) rollover to IRA. More often than not, we find this to be a client’s personal decision. As Investment Adviser professionals, we want everyone to know the nitty gritty of leaving your retirement savings in your 401(k), moving them to an IRA (also know as a 401(k) Rollover), and the pros and cons of each plan. So, let’s run through the benefits and drawbacks for each…

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Email Containing Sensitive Information Equals Risk

It was shocking to learn not long ago, that email containing sensitive information equals risk. What seems to be an innocent email and sent to a colleague or friend, is not at all secure. You would think the communication is only between you and the other individual(s), right? Well, unfortunately, they’re not! In the past, clients have sent us sensitive information such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, and even passwords! They were taking a very big risk! How big? Let’s find out…

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