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Process of ‘Social Security Planning’

There are many ways to claim Social Security benefits and the difference between them can be tens of thousands of dollars. A recent study suggests that some of the strategies represent over $10 Billion in unclaimed Social Security benefits.

Did You Know?

Seventy-three percent of the 37.9 million retired workers received reduced benefits because of entitlements before full retirement age. Many Financial Advisors have recommended taking Social Security early. But why? By taking Social Security early as opposed to at Full Retirement Age (FRA), you lose a significant amount of money over your lifetime. Additionally, by waiting just four additional years after FRA, you will earn an 8% per year increase (A maximum of 4 years or 32%) above the monthly benefit amount of your FRA. Where can you find a CD paying 8% in today’s market rate environment? We can show you proven ways to maximize your Social Security and the retirement portfolio you’ve worked so hard to accumulate during your working years. The strategies we utilize are what most Financial Advisors will not share with you. If you knew the reason why, it would then make sense.

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